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  • Feb 2007 American Academy, San Diego, USA
  • September 2005 BOA, Birmingham, UK
  • May 2004 ICSS, Washington, USA
  • April 2002 Instructional Paediatric Course, Alder Hey Hospital
  • June 2001 EFFORT, Rhodes, Greece
  • April 2001 ICSS, Cape Town, South Africa
  • July 2000 ESSKA, London, UK

International and National Meetings

Results of arthroscopic shoulder labral tears repair with capsular plication reinforcement – minimum 2 year follow-up

• BESS, 2008 Liverpool, UK (poster)

Correlation of clinical assessments, MRI, and arthroscopic findings in patients with SLAP lesions

  • Canadian Orthopaedic Association, Quebec, Canada, 2008
  • SECEC, 2008, Bruge (accepted for poster presentation)

Results of arthroscopic calcium deposit removal, SAD and cuff repair compared with calcium deposit removal and SAD without cuff repair

  • SECEC, 2008, Bruge (accepted for poster presentation)

Inter-observer reliability and Intra-observer reproducibility of the Weber classification system of ankle fracture

  • American Academy, SanDiego, USA, February 2007,

Arthroscopic stabilisation of the shoulder: a prospective randomised study of absorbable versus non-absorbable suture anchors

  • BOA, September 2005, Birmingham, UK
  • BESS, June 2006, Edinburgh, UK

Mid term results of PlantTan plate for proximal humerus fracture

  • ICSS [International Congress of Shoulder Surgeons];Washington DC, May 04

Early results of PlantTan plate in the treatment of proximal humerus fracture

  • EFFORT [European Federation of Orthopaedics & Trauma]; Rhodes, Greece, June 2000
  • ICSS; Cape Town, South Africa, April 2001

Clavicular hook plate for lateral end fractures

  • ICSS; Washington, DC, May 04
  • OTA [Orthopaedic Trauma Association]; Salt Lake City, USA, Oct 2003
  • EFORT; Helsinki, Finland, June 2003

Titanium arthroplasty for hallux metatarso-phalangeal joint

  • EFORT; Helsinki, Finland, June 2003

Degeneration or remodelling: MMPs in the torn rotator cuff

  • ORS [ Orthopaedic Research Society]; Dallas, USA, Feb 2002

Arthroscopic release of coraco-humeral ligament for resistant frozen shoulder

  • EFORT; Rhodes, Greece, June 2000
  • ICSS; Cape Town, South Africa, April 2001

Acromion reconstruction following failed anterior acromionectomy

  • EFORT; Rhodes, Greece, June 2000
  • ICSS; Cape Town, South Africa, April 2001

One stage ipsilateral shoulder & elbow arthroplasty in rheumatoid patients

  • ICSS; Cape Town, South Africa, April 2001
  • EOA [Annual International Conference of Egyptian Orthopaedic association]; Cairo, 2000

Vascularity, hypoxia & necrosis in soft tissue neoplasms of the extremities

  • BDPS [British Division of the International Academy of Pathology], Liverpool July 2001

Matrix metalloproteinases & degenerative changes in the torn rotator cuff

  • BDPS, Liverpool July 2001

Gelatinase MMPS in palmar fibromatosis: Immunohistochemistry & Zymography

  • BORS [British Orthopaedic Research Society]; Newcastle, September 2000
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